Is it time to quit freelancing? Here’s how to tell.

  Should you give up on this whole freelance thing? Just quit this foolishness? And go back to being gainfully and properly employed? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m guessing if you’re asking this question it’s because things aren’t going like you planned. Maybe it’s about money. Or lack thereof. Or drudge work. The constant ‘uncertainty’ of it all. Maybe(…)

When should you send your bill?

  Right away, of course. Bill early, bill often. If the assignment is of a certain size, you bill even before you start. (“Only $1800 is required to begin. Nothing else is due until you receive the text.”) I must be the only freelancer in history who took too long to send a bill. Like a dope, I(…)

Money: The three-day rule

Don’t discuss this with your friends who have regular jobs. They won’t get it. Or, they will think this is unfair. But never mind that. You and me, as free-range and self-sustaining independents, we cannot think like those salaried folk. We are not beholden to the unfortunate economics of being an employee. Here’s our rule: Set things up so you can(…)

Q/A: Working by the hour. Sort of.

Tara asks: A good client asked me to handle a sideline project on a quick turnaround. Since it was a little different from what I normally do for them, I quoted an hourly rate. They asked how long it would take. I told them 1 to 2 hours. They said okay. But in the end,(…)

Q/A: From full-time job to freelancing: What to choose

From Matthew: “I work as a technology director at a large school system here in the East, but will be leaving soon to pursue a more travel-oriented career. It has all been in the works for months. Initially, I wanted to focus on technology in school building projects, which is something that I have experience in doing,(…)

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