For me, business cards are about as useful as typewriter ribbons. In the past two years, I needed an actual, hand-outable business card maybe three times.

I didn't need these, but MOO made me want them. Twice.

But when I saw what MOO was doing with business cards, I simply had to buy 50 of them.  Twice.

With MOO, you design your cards with an ingenious online tool that won’t let you do anything ugly.  The software has built-in taste. You can even make every card different if you want.

MOO cards aren’t cheap.  They cost a just bit less than Kennedy half-dollars, but you can buy in such small quantities that you don’t mind at all.  I didn’t mind.  Twice.

And unlike those sites hawking discount cards by the bushel, MOO is fun to buy from.  MOO has class. And they’re polite.  Okay, they border on cutesy.  But far more pleasant than the loud and raucous discounters.  You feel glad you bought from MOO.

I keep my stash of MOO cards on my desk because they look so grand.  They come in a slick box.  They feel smooth.  They make me look stylish. They are not your average throwaway real estate agent business cards.

And the cards have backbone. You could spread cream cheese with these things.

I’m so stingy about giving them away, there are still 96 left from my original 100.

Buy a box and keep them on your desk.  You’ll feel upgraded enough to raise your rates.

And no, I don’t get a nickel for referring you.

Be like MOO

Better still, see if there’s a way to go MOO-like in your freelancing.

MOO is fresh and different.  Every other online business card vendor looks and sounds the same.  They compete by yelling loud about cheap.  MOO competes on style and being polite and being refreshingly different.  And refreshingly fun to work with.  MOO shows up.  MOO delivers.

What is ugly about other freelancers in your field?  What is irritating?  Tasteless?  How are they all the same?  How you could you be different?  More pleasant to work with?

MOO also lets you buy a little at a time:  For less than a good lunch.  Can you offer a service, a micro-project or trial size just so clients can see how you work?  Something low-risk, low-commitment?

How can you change the game on all those others writers, designers, coders, consultants, coaches, illustrators out there?