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50 of the most practical, most-read posts from The Freelancery. In a pdf.

It’s 178 pages of real-world help that will make you a lot savvier about freelancing, right away. Especially about getting work, making a buck, and staying serenely happy.

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You get 50 of the most-read articles from The Freelancery archives, the core know-how of The Freelancery’s fresh and unique take on the freelance life. All neatly arranged and themed into ‘book’ form.

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It comes as a pdf formatted for easy reading on laptop, iPad, or even iPhone. Read it on the beach or in bed. No Wi-Fi needed.

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  1. Marcia

    Thank you, Walt. This is a very generous offering. I found your page through Media Bistro, so, as you may know already, you have a Walt-praising fan at that site.


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  3. Nicolas Coyer

    Hi Walt,

    Thanks for your generosity and your excellent posts!

    Nicolas Coyer


  4. Claudia

    Thank you for the wonderful present.


  5. Jane Cornwell

    Thank you so much for your kindness in gathering and sharing this information.
    All the best~ Jane


  6. morgan

    thank you for this! can’t wait to dive in and digest it all!


  7. Tammy Ditmore

    This was fantastic reading! I followed a link to your website recently (I don’t even remember where I saw it) and downloaded this pdf out of curiosity. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I put aside some marketing material from some big-shot names who promised I could get rich if I followed this advice because I found this so much more helpful to me. I especially loved your post about the differences between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Thanks so much for making this available!


  8. Lydia

    Thank you so much for making your posts available in PDF for free. That’s very generous of you and I really appreciate it. Also, I really like your website – it’s clean, clear and professional.


  9. Rob

    Every time I’m feeling unmotivated or down about my business, I read this PDF and it fuels me to put my head up and keep going. Thanks Walt.


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  11. Gianfranco

    Thank you for your wisdom, Walt! I just stumbled on your site and was struck from the very first read. Love at first sight! 🙂


  12. Valentina M.

    Thank you, Walt, for inspiring and informative posts.
    Many thanks also for your generous offer of the free pdf download.


  13. Irene Valent

    Thank you so much.
    You are gorgeous!


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