Pricing: A smarter way to think of hourly rates

(Excerpted from “Talking Money” launching soon at The Freelancery. Folks are pre-ordering.) The mason who is rebuilding your front steps has to figure in the cost of concrete, some slate, brick, cinder block, a helper, the rental on the jackhammer. That’s what it costs him to do the job. What he ‘makes’ on the job(…)

Q/A: Recovering from a botched pitch

Q: Sally: I’m an editor. A few months back, I crafted a great query letter introducing myself to a publishing company that has done nice work right in my sweet spot. It was an ideal match. But I never heard from them. So I go back and look at the query letter. Half of a(…)

Three variations on freelancing. And how to nail them.

I’m guessing that most of us (well, at least me and my circle of renegades), we practice what you’d call straight-up, head-first freelancing: Try to land as many clients as you can, while making as much money as possible, and try to have some fun in the process. A perfectly workable and respectable model, if(…)

Following the threads

On Tuesday, you get a call. It’s from someone new. Someone who was sent to you by one of your other clients. It’s a nice assignment. The work is a bit new for you. You handle it. Everything comes out well. The new client is pleased. Happy ending. But there’s more. You’re just starting. Right(…)

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