Little victories: Big hits from small jobs

This always makes my day. At 11:25 am or maybe 3:40 pm, I’m at the keyboard. I am ass-deep in some huge assignment that will last a week or two. (Or, I’m ass-deep in procrastinating, depending.) The phone rings. My client Kathleen. She tells me something has just happened in the insurance world. Some government(…)

How to raise a rate, boost a fee

Situation: You’ve been charging a client XXX for a certain type of piece. Or you’ve been billing them XX per hour. Or YY per page, per day, per meter. And now you need to raise that. Maybe because you guessed wrong initially. Maybe the work is a flaming hairball from hell. Maybe the client is(…)

How not to be invisible

Would you ever forget a freelancer named Donna Coney Island? Me neither. I know twenty people in her business. But I always remember Donna Coney Island. Is that her real name? It doesn’t matter, does it? She has a unique story either way. Or how about designer Andrea Mignolo: Will design for beer. People still(…)

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