The best creative ritual: Begin

As the story goes, writer Ernest Hemingway always started his day’s work by meticulously and thoughtfully sharpening seven No. 2 pencils. Choreographer Twyla Tharp says that she can unfailingly assure a productive day by waking at 5:30 am, putting on her workout clothes, and hailing a cab to the gym. Once she does that, all(…)

The curse of the vendor class

Don’t be a vendor. Be a peer.  A colleague. A co-conspirator. More money there. More respect. And also, more money. You may have to move up a notch in the client organization. Over the underlings. You are not fawning and begging and bargaining. That’s what suppliers do. Sell a little grander. Instead of delivering documents,(…)

Follow your passion? Maybe not. Try this instead.

We have all heard this at least 87 times: Do what you love. Follow your passion, your obsession, your enduring interest. When you’re passionate, your work is a joy. Plus, you will work harder and longer and with energy. You will build your skills and know-how. You will land more work and have even more(…)

What we’re selling vs. What they’re paying for

It is easy to get too wrapped up in the details of what we do, and the minutiae of what we sell. That’s narrow thinking. Because what clients are buying, what truly makes the money change hands, is usually something else entirely. The richer and happier freelancers understand this. I stole the idea ages ago(…)

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