Introvert freelancer, extravert freelancer

Last weekend, I was chatting with a young web designer. She hated her job, but felt stuck. “I’m much too introverted to freelance,” she said. “I could never go out and sell myself.” Whoa, I thought. That’s an interesting perception. And so utterly backwards. If anything, freelancing is the ideal career for us card-carrying introverts.(…)

Landing the dream project: How much eager beaver?

A juicy-looking project arrives on your doorstep. Maybe a client who could change everything. Or at least get the mortgage paid for the next few months. How do you play it? How eager should you sound? The answer is:  About 74% eager. And be eager about the right thing. I have gotten this wrong about(…)

Q&A: How to change freelance paths

My friend Magda asks: When I blissfully escaped working in an office, I jumped into translation. But that’s not where my heart  is. I have been “secretly” designing for some time. Recently, I showed some of my work to someone and she wanted to buy them and she ordered for more.  I really want to try this out and I’m doing my best to make it work. My big question(…)

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