No more self-inflicted discounts

  I catch myself doing this from time to time. And I always want to slap myself. It’s what Mike Monteiro of Mule Design calls ‘negotiating on behalf of the client.’ Which means, when wrestling with an estimate or a quote or a proposal, we end up finding all sorts of reasons to lower the(…)

Freelancing Rules of Thumb

  1. You should lose at least one out of four assignments because you’re too expensive. If you land every job, you’re not charging enough, or, you are irresistibly charming. Either way, you should charge more.   2. Time from first contact with a client, to seeing any money from them: minimum 30 days. Yes,(…)

Young freelancer, veteran freelancer

When I first started, I was a newbie without a clue. I had no writing credentials, no body of work. My track record was about as long as my thumb. Also, most of my clients were much older than me. They saw me as some slightly amusing kid. The only way to get around my(…)

Staying lean, staying minimal

Things always get better when I start throwing things away. When I make myself get rid of junk that doesn’t work, doesn’t matter, doesn’t contribute. My head clears and the money flows. That’s because the freelance business model is inherently simple. Elegantly simple. The simpler you keep it, the more profitable it is. You’ll be(…)

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