Playing hard to get

I’m beginning to suspect that it’s smart, at least sometimes, to turn down and beg off assignments from time to time (even if you really want them.) It seems to be, paradoxically, good for business. And no, this is not about hauteur. This is not about being a diva or a prima donna.  It’s about(…)

How to talk money III: Amount

I’m not sure why, but clients seem to be more comfortable with odd numbers and specific amounts. A project fee of $1730 sounds like it’s based on some calculations or considerations. A project fee of $1600 sounds like a number you just made up. A day rate of $1150 is somehow easier to swallow than(…)

How to talk money II: Terms

The rule is:  Get paid sooner rather than later.  Get money up front if you can.  Get paid as you go.  The least desirable is to bill when you’re done, and wait 45 to 60 days to get paid. The trick is how do you get money up front, without making the client wary?  Or(…)

How to talk money, painlessly

Deciding how much to charge is one thing.  Figuring out how to say it is another. Never, ever say “This will cost $500″  or “This will cost you $900 per month.”   No, no, no.  You don’t want to be a cost factor.  (Even if you are.) Never, ever say “I charge $50 per hour” or(…)

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