How to talk money, painlessly

Deciding how much to charge is one thing.  Figuring out how to say it is another. Never, ever say “This will cost $500″  or “This will cost you $900 per month.”   No, no, no.  You don’t want to be a cost factor.  (Even if you are.) Never, ever say “I charge $50 per hour” or(…)

This counts as much as skill. Or more.

Think carefully about how you make clients feel. Do they like to call you?  Do they feel better after talking to you? This may sound like touchy-feely silliness, but it’s critical to your bottom line.  Because clients will tend to business with you (or not) based on how you make them feel.  It counts as(…)

Is freelancing risky?

Think of it this way. In a cubicle job 100% of your income — the money you need for your family — comes from a single source.  The boss has 100% control over 100% of your income.  (Personally, that would scare the hell out of me.) If the job goes away, even through no fault(…)

Freelancers vs. entrepreneurs: II

Is entrepreneurship somehow a more worthy calling than freelancing? Some people think so. I disagree. True, in some circles, the ‘entrepreneur’ carries many more status points. The enterpreneur is the capitalist hero. He is Andrew Carnegie, Michael Dell, and the guys who invented Google. The kids who sold YouTube for a few billion.

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