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What numbers should you watch?

  You and me, we are working the simplest business model there is. Let’s not complicate things more than necessary. First, the tax people want to know how much money clients gave you, and how much you spent on business expenses. The easy way is to get those numbers from your 1099s and bank records.(…)

Work chunky, work better

Are you at the keyboard all day? Are you always there in the studio during business hours? Do you dutifully put in your eight hours at the easel every day? Maybe you should quit that. Lot of wasted time there. Lost money, too, probably. Whoa. To do remarkable and consistent work, don’t you have to(…)

Seek, and get found.

This is a spooky phenomenon that I cannot explain. Don’t ask me what’s behind it, or how it works. But you can apparently invoke this to your advantage, almost at will. Let’s say your workload starts to slow down. Or you want to expand your stable of true fans. Or maybe you’re just itching for(…)

No portfolio yet? Try this trick

What if you haven’t amassed a huge body of work to show clients? Or what if your portfolio is 82% skunk work that you’d rather keep under the bed? No problem. Dazzle them with makeovers.  Redesigns.  Rewrites. It’s actually a more interesting way to convey your skills, your voice, your sensibilities. Befores and afters Find(…)

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