Staying sane

Finding joy in skunk work

There is a perverse karma in freelancing in that, sometimes, the most lucrative and most plentiful work can be the ugliest. Or the work that makes your skull ache is precisely the work clients love you for. A programmer friend of mine moans that he could spend six months a year collecting $10,000 checks for(…)

Take the job? Or not.

There are only three possible reasons for saying ‘yes’ to a freelance assignment. You’re making a good pile of money. You’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You’ll be doing good for a bunch of people. None of the above? Pass.

Steven Pressfield Q&A on The War of Art

If there’s a book that should be wedged into every freelancer’s toolbox, it’s this one:  The War of Art.   It’s by Steven Pressfield, novelist and screenwriter who wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire, The Last of the Amazons, The Afghan Campaign,The Virtues of War, and most recently Killing Rommel. This guy(…)

Freelancers vs. entrepreneurs: II

Is entrepreneurship somehow a more worthy calling than freelancing? Some people think so. I disagree. True, in some circles, the ‘entrepreneur’ carries many more status points. The enterpreneur is the capitalist hero. He is Andrew Carnegie, Michael Dell, and the guys who invented Google. The kids who sold YouTube for a few billion.

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