Staying sane

How to tell if you’re a pro

Do you feel like a pro yet? It matters. Feeling like a pro helps you get through the day. And when you’re a pro, clients sense it. I thought I became a ‘professional’ the first time I wrote some stuff and got paid for it. I hung out my sign. I landed an assignment. They(…)

Little victories: Big hits from small jobs

This always makes my day. At 11:25 am or maybe 3:40 pm, I’m at the keyboard. I am ass-deep in some huge assignment that will last a week or two. (Or, I’m ass-deep in procrastinating, depending.) The phone rings. My client Kathleen. She tells me something has just happened in the insurance world. Some government(…)

I was a $3500-a-day writer. For like a week.

A quick addendum to the previous post on publishing your rates. I suddenly remembered another situation where posting your fees may be useful. Maybe. A while back I had gone through a long stretch of woeful skunk work. Worse, I could barely get anything approved. Clients attacked my copy with meat hooks. I was revising revisions(…)

Where the money is: Making stuff they really like

Ponder this: Over time, which is better for your bank account?  For your freelance career?  For your soul? Should you aim to produce truly distinctive and authentic and imaginative and impeccably crafted work? Or . . . Deliver what clients like? I’ll spare you the suspense. The fun, the fame, and the money in freelancing comes from building(…)

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