Starting out

Plan less, succeed sooner.

There must be at least 3,298 articles around the web on “How to Launch Your Freelance Career” or “How to Start a Freelance Design/Copywriting/Photography Business.” Have you seen them?  The advice is remarkably consistent and utterly sensible. Have six months of living expenses in the bank. Assess your skills and strengths.  Survey the competition. Identify(…)

Ten True Fans

The more you think about the freelance model, the simpler and simpler it gets. Example. If you are a musician or a sculptor or a fine artist, the thought is, you need about 1,000 true fans to make a living at your chosen craft. To live large, you need maybe 10,000. If you aspire to(…)

No portfolio yet? Try this trick

What if you haven’t amassed a huge body of work to show clients? Or what if your portfolio is 82% skunk work that you’d rather keep under the bed? No problem. Dazzle them with makeovers.  Redesigns.  Rewrites. It’s actually a more interesting way to convey your skills, your voice, your sensibilities. Befores and afters Find(…)

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