How to raise a rate, boost a fee

Situation: You’ve been charging a client XXX for a certain type of piece. Or you’ve been billing them XX per hour. Or YY per page, per day, per meter. And now you need to raise that. Maybe because you guessed wrong initially. Maybe the work is a flaming hairball from hell. Maybe the client is(…)

Net 30 days. It has to go. A guest rant.

Are you waiting for a check right now? Here’s a guest post from a freelance User Experience consultant who has waited too long, too often, for clients to pay. Happens to be my brother.   By Chris Kania I never understood the logic of doing work for a large company, and then waiting 30 days(…)

First things first

If you have two assignments on the desk, which do you work on first? The one that is due first? The harder, more challenging one? The one you like the least? Nah. I always work on the one that will pay me sooner.        

How much can you earn? Really.

How much can you realistically earn as a freelancer? The short answer is: “As much as you want to earn.” I know that sounds smartass and unsatisfying. But it is as close to the truth as I’ve found. Virtually all the freelancers I know end up making precisely what they want to earn. Period. The key word(…)

Pricing: Kill the zeros

In quoting your fee, you are allowed one zero.  No more. I recently sat in on a conference call where a design group was  talking about a big branding project. They listed all the things they were going to do, in detail. Then, they said it would cost $20,000. Ooh.  Fail. The client started questioning everything,(…)

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