Andrea Mignolo: Will design for beer

Okay, before you get the wrong idea:  Andrea Mignolo does not literally design for beer. (Not anymore, anyway.) She is not hurting for clients, nor does she work cheap. If you want her to design your web site or software front end, it will cost you way more than a case of some amber-bottled beverage.(…)

Laura Silverman, Writer: Fashioning a freelance life

When you’re sitting there in a cubicle, daydreaming about breaking out on your own, the wish list usually goes something like this: Chuck the job and flee all the noise and nonsense. Maybe to a serene place in ski country. Check. Work for big-name clients who want you. And on relatively classy projects. Yes. Take(…)

Steven Pressfield Q&A on The War of Art

If there’s a book that should be wedged into every freelancer’s toolbox, it’s this one:  The War of Art.   It’s by Steven Pressfield, novelist and screenwriter who wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire, The Last of the Amazons, The Afghan Campaign,The Virtues of War, and most recently Killing Rommel. This guy(…)

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