What you quote for an assignment will send strong signals to a new client.  Or a potential client.

Your fee gives off subtle clues about the quality of your work, where you fit among other freelancers. It will even color how much the client likes what you deliver.

Most of us, most of the time, are leery of losing out on good work by quoting too high.

Fact is, you can also miss out on jobs by charging too little.

There are plenty of clients out there who will pass you by because you’re too cheap.

“Is this guy working at a folding table in his basement, or what?

“At those rates, she can’t be very good.”

“He obviously doesn’t understand what’s involved here.”

Clients who think like that are gold. Those are the clients looking for world-class work, for smart people who can solve problems, for stuff that must be good. And they usually need a lot of it. You do not want to turn them off with WalMart prices.

You can buy a beach house with a stable of true fans like that.