Think of it this way.

In a cubicle job 100% of your income — the money you need for your family — comes from a single source.  The boss has 100% control over 100% of your income.  (Personally, that would scare the hell out of me.) If the job goes away, even through no fault of your own, 100% of your family’s income disappears instantly.

Too many bucks in one basket.

As a freelancer, no single company, department, or boss has 100% control over your income.  Your living money comes from three, seven, nine, or twelve different sources.  It is highly unlikely that 100% of your income could disappear in one stroke. I would have to screw up in biblical proportions to irritate twelve different clients at the same time.  Income from multiple sources begets more security, in my book.

Freelancing gives you a more diversified income portfolio.